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Best open source admin dashboard & control panel theme. Built on top of Bootstrap, AdminLTE provides a range of responsive, reusable, and commonly used components.

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  • I can not overestimate the impact Boudless has had...

    I run a team of 20 product managers, developers, QA and UX resources. Previously we designed everything ourselves. For our newest platform we tried out Metronic. I can not overestimate the impact Metronic has had.It's accelerated development 3x and reduced QA issues by 50% If you add up the reduced need for design time/resources, the increase... Now I'm glad to use this template but I wonder if they could down the price of the extended version sometime because I would like to purchase it a normal price. Anyway, you are doing really good job, congratulations.

    Kevin, Boundless Theme
  • My first foray into the world of Administrative/Dashboard...

    Bootstrap templates and I have to confess, the layout of the package in the filesystem was such that I had no problem figuring it out. Each page is self contained and includes all the CSS, jQuery, and extra components to fully function... Each page is very well documented so it is clear where the header starts/ends, menu starts/ends, content starts/ends, footer starts/end. A+++++ WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE :)

    Manish, Cosmo Admin
  • This is by far the cleanest template and the most well structured...

    The most well thought out design theme I have ever used. The codes are up to standard. The css styles are very clean. In fact the cleanest and the most up to standard I have ever seen. This is also the easiest template to customize... I have encounter, many templates that looked good but when you started looking under the hood you see nasty stuffs in css and javascript hacks just to put it together. I sure am glad that I chose Metronic. Really really clean code to work on. No hacks! It is such a well structured css and javascript piece of artwork. The layout designs and design element placements are such a wonder. The usability of these designs are incredible. I am now looking for material design with angular 1 for mobile. Please produce one. I will be your first customer.

    Jack, Boundless Theme